picture of Aiden Simpson of Spoon ChallengesHi I’m Aiden Simpson here at Spoon Challenges. We no longer promote charity events but here’s what the website previously focused on. Wooden Spoon at spoonchallenges.com was a grant-making charity founded in 1983 and since then they have been dedicated to making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people. Since then the website has moved on to other things. We now help small business owners with business ideas and tips through our blog.

The website previously focused on providing funding to organizations across the UK such as specialist schools, other charities and community projects that give support, treatment or respite care to children with disabling or life-limiting medical conditions or who are living in areas of severe social deprivation.

The site had become one of the largest UK funders of respite and medical treatment centers, sensory rooms, specialist playgrounds, sports activity areas, and community-based programs and have so far granted over £22 million to these fantastic projects.

The volunteers were based all over the country and they had worked tirelessly to support and fund-raise for the web-site and the founders ensured that every single penny they raised stayed in their own community and funds projects and causes local to them.

Inspired and motivated by our countries rugby heritage, with the support of the websites wonderful volunteers and the rugby community, they have been able to help over 1 million young people and children in need.

Even though this website no longer promotes charities, we do provide valuable information and strategies to business owners worldwide.

Contact Aiden at info@spoonchallenges.com